About Shelter

Shelter Zimbabwe is a private real estate development company specializing in the construction of residential accommodation. The Company has been successfully developing and delivering fully serviced residential stands and accompanying amenities of the highest calibre over the past 3 decades institutions.

Shelter Zimbabwe is embarking on a transition to focus on the construction of superstructures in a variety of configurations, including conventional houses, cluster homes, garden flats, and gated estates supported by the provision of state-of-the-art infrastructure solutions as the business sets the goal of creating modern housing estates.Our unique and unparalleled insight and experience enables us to deliver new urban landmarks with fabulous residential, and mixed-use developments, as we relish our significant contribution having developed over 6,000 housing units in Greater Harare.


The Company firmly prescribes that residential property is a crucial value enhancing investment, which is why we offer our clients various real estate choices to satisfy their needs We fervently feel that we are the best option for technically compatible residential stands and houses. We firmly believe that families deserve to live in majestic and wonderfully built suburbs that offer a life filled with ecological and environmental purity. We are committed to constructing communities that provide basic infrastructure, amenities, security, and quality of life. We have a Land Procurement and Business Development Unit whose major role, in liaison with the Marketing and Sales Department is to identify and procure pieces of land for further residential developments, which are then packaged to meet the expectations and requirements of our vast network of customers.


To be the leader in the land and housing development industry in Zimbabwe
and the region


To provide quality housing solutions that meet the needs of our stakeholders.

Core Values


We are committed to the development of communities that balance growth with
preservation, designing high quality suburbs that will leave a legacy for future
generations to enjoy.


We are dedicated to satisfying customer needs as we believe that our customers
are the lifeline of our business and ambassadors of our brand.


We are inspired to be working in a solution-orientated way, to provide enduring
service and deliver high quality products.


We promote innovation and new ideas from stakeholders, ensuring quality standards while working to achieve deadlines.


We are dedicated to being a good corporate citizen, giving something back, and
we do this with every project we take on, giving people places to live, work, play and learn, enriching their lives.


We are dedicated to being ethical, compliant and transparent in all our activities.


We thrive on collective and coordinated effort towards achieving a common